[css-grid] Sizing of grid items


ß2.3 "Grid Areas" of the Grid ED defines:

> A grid itemís grid area forms the containing block into which it is
> laid out.

And ß9 "Alignment":

> After a grid containerís grid tracks have been sized, and the
> dimensions of all grid items are finalized, grid items can be aligned
> within their grid areas.

But how to determine the used width and height of a grid item, 
especially if the computed value is 'auto'? Did I miss something in the 

(Iíll assume a horizontal writing mode, adapt as needed for vertical.)

Although itís still worth noting in the Grid spec, grid itemsí used 
heights can be defined by their respective type of formatting context, 
which are mentioned in ß4 "Grid Items":

> A grid item establishes a new formatting context for its contents.
> The type of this formatting context is determined by its display
> value, as usual.

What about the used width?

Simon Sapin

Received on Friday, 7 February 2014 16:48:49 UTC