Re: [css syntax] CSS Syntax and Semantic Classes

CSS Working Group,

<ext:element xmlns:ext="" ext:attr="ext:value1 ext:value2 ext:value3"/>

If the syntax is attribute-based, and, as you indicated, beyond string matching, a syntactic possibility is:

@namespace ext2 "";
ext2|element[ext2|attr ~= ext2|value1]


@namespace ext2 "";
ext2|element[ext2|attr ~= uri(ext2|value1)]

though we might want set-algebraic expressiveness or and/or/not expressions:

function(element, attribute, set_algebra_expression)

function(selector, attribute, set_algebra_expression)

function(element, attribute, and_or_not_expression)

function(selector, attribute, and_or_not_expression)

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Adam Sobieski

Received on Friday, 7 February 2014 16:40:13 UTC