Re: [cssom] absolute lengths serialize to mm?

On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 3:55 PM, Alan Stearns <> wrote:
> The Serializing CSS Values section [1] seems to imply that all absolute
> lengths should be serialized in millimeter units:
> ----
> Absolute lengths: the number of millimeters serialized as per
>   <number> followed by the literal string "mm”.
> ----
> I’m assuming this is incorrect - that serialization should use whatever
> units are appropriate (possibly the specified units, possibly normalized
> units via computed style, etc.)

I think this might have been written back when "absolute lengths"
didn't refer to px.  You're right that now it should use px as the
serialization unit.

> This is followed by issue 10 that mentions a ‘rumor’ that I believe has
> been squashed.

I don't even understand what it's talking about.  <resolution> isn't a
length at all, relative or absolute.


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