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Re: Option so line-height only affects height between lines

From: L. David Baron <dbaron@dbaron.org>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2014 09:02:42 -0800
To: Alan Stearns <stearns@adobe.com>
Cc: Ben Sciascia <ben.sciascia@sciascia.co.nz>, "www-style@w3.org" <www-style@w3.org>
Message-ID: <20141209170242.GA21841@crum.dbaron.org>
On Monday 2014-12-08 22:15 +0000, Alan Stearns wrote:
> I think it might be useful to have a leading-model property that allowed 
> you to change how line-height works. But it might also be more complicated 
> than it’s worth. In my experience, sticking with a single leading model is 
> the only way to reasonably lay out lines. The boundaries between leading 
> models almost never give you the results you want.

There have been two prior proposals for such properties sitting
around in the drafts of the linebox/inline module:
line-stacking-strategy (older) and my line-box-contain proposal,
which I believe we agreed to replace it with:

(With 'line-box-contain: block', only the block's line height sets
the line spacing.  It's a bit dangerous unless you know what's in
the block, though.)


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