Re: [css-animations] Animation events for animation-duration: 0s

On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 9:23 AM, Sylvain Galineau <> wrote:
> On Aug 28, 2014, at 4:00 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. <> wrote:
>> Nope, no resolution.  I was just capturing the conflict and noting an
>> issue on it so it wouldn't get missed.
> Well, yeah, sort of; you 'captured' it by adding normative prose which I've just used to clarify another issue. Doh! So I pretty much missed it until now; next time, ping the editors over email/IRC/mailing list or better, mark your proposal as an issue/note?

I didn't change the normative prose:

    1.67 - The initial value is ''0s'', meaning that the animation
takes no time. When the duration is ''0s''
    1.68 - 'animation-fill-mode' still applies, so an animation that
fills backwards will show the value of
    1.69 - the ''0%'' keyframe during any delay period, and an
animation that fills forwards will retain the
    1.70 - value specified at the ''100%'' keyframe, even if the
animation was instantaneous. Also, animation
    1.71 - events are still fired. A negative 'animation-duration'
value renders the declaration invalid.
    1.72 + <dl>
    1.73 + <dt><dfn value for=animation-duration><<time>></dfn>
    1.74 + <dd>
    1.75 + The <<time>> specifies the length of time that an animation
takes to complete one cycle.
    1.76 + A negative <<time>> is invalid.
    1.77 +
    1.78 + If the <<time>> is ''0s'', like the initial value,
    1.79 + the keyframes of the animation have no effect,
    1.80 + but the animation itself still occurs instantaneously.
    1.81 + That is, 'animation-fill-mode' applies as normal,
    1.82 + filling backwards or forwards as appropriate,
    1.83 + and animation events still fire.
    1.84 + </dl>

Note that the deleted text already contained the text "Also, animation
events are still fired".  I just rephrased things a bit, and added an
issue later in the spec to capture the contradiction, since there
wasn't anything explicitly referencing the contradiction yet.

The text there originated back from an edit by Dino in 2011:

> Speaking of: the issue in Animations Event didn't get picked up by bikeshed for highlighting? I'd better mark all this as issue text but I've had random luck with 'Issue:'

I'll look into it.


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