Re: [selectors][css-namespaces][css-scoping] Clash between Namespaces and Scoping regarding implied universal selector

On 8/8/14, 8:25 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> This will only have an effect on pages that (a)
> declare a default namespace in CSS, (b) use elements not in that
> namespace, and (c) use selectors without type selectors.

It will also affect user and UA stylesheets, for which (b) becomes:

(b) Are applied to pages that use elements in some other namespace.

For example, the UA stylesheet the HTML spec defines would need to 
change.  As would various user stylesheets, likely.  Note that the 
difference in (b) makes this a lot less of an edge case than the author 
stylesheet version.

I'm not sure I want to go break user stylesheets, honestly, as a UA 

> 2. Define that an element's namespace is *separate from* its type, and
> that featureless elements match all namespaces.

This seems simplest to me, fwiw: you have to special-case "featureless" 
elements anyway, since they're not actual elements, so you might as well 
special-case how the matching of namespaces happens for them...


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