Re: [css3-regions][css3-multicol] how to cutt up elements

Hey Johannes,

I just wanted to reply this is exactly what I'm ended up doing in the new 
CSS Regions polyfill [0]. I also used a similar process for IE. The relevant 
code is in [1] and [2], mainly. Feel free to extract it from the polyfill if 
it suits your needs.

Yes, I agree with you this is clearly suboptimal to rely on API that are not 
even standardized to perform these operations, but this is all we have for 
now. I don't despair we shall get "getFragments" on elements which will 
return a list of Fragment (a Fragment being a list of DOM Ranges which are 
rendered in the same fragment on the page). This can only be done properly 
once the CSS Breaking spec has reached a satisfactory standardization level, 
though, which is'nt the case yet.

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> From: Johannes Wilm
> Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 10:05 PM
> To: www-style list
> Subject: [css3-regions][css3-multicol] how to cutt up elements
> Hey,
> given that CSS Regions unfortunately have been (temporarily) removed from 
> Blink, I've been experimenting with what other options there are to cut op 
> content, but letting the browser do the actual cutting.
> The only solutions I have come up with is using multiple CSS columsn and 
> then to determine where one columns ends using 
> caretPositionFromPoint/caretRangeFromPoint, and then cutting using 
> range.extractContents to remove the parts that don't fit.
> I have recreated most of the options I had available in the old 
> pagination.js using this method in this test: 
> (working in Chrome and Firefox if the browser is occupying the entire 
> screen).
> It is somewhat of a hack, because 
> caretPositionFromPoint/caretRangeFromPoint only works if one first scrolls 
> to the place where one uses it.
> So my question to you guys: Is this how you suggest one cuts up contents? 
> Is there no less hackish way envisioned for javascript to determine what 
> content belongs to one specific column? It seems like that would be quite 
> an important piece of information for many uses.
> -- 
> Johannes Wilm
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