Re: [css-flexbox] percentage paddings, again


I've been discussing this same issue with Daniel Holbert on Twitter
recently (here's that conversation:

I made this codepen to outline the case:
The example works as I'd expect in Chrome 34, IE11, and Safari 7 - but it
unfortunately breaks in Firefox 28 (Daniel suggests the opposite though,
that FF exhibits the correct behavior while the other browsers fail to
match the spec).

It seems to me that the paragraph from the spec is intended for single-line
flex containers. It doesn't take into account how multi-line containers
should behave, especially their dimensions aren't explicitly defined.

There's some more detail regarding this section of the spec found here

I'm in favor of changing things here - it shouldn't be assumed that a flex
container is more likely to be given an explicit height, since it's not
assumed in most other cases.

John Kreitlow

Received on Thursday, 17 April 2014 09:46:05 UTC