Re: [css-regions] Possible change to the Region interface

On 9/27/13 4:02 PM, "François REMY" <> wrote:

>How would you retrieve that Region object?

One way would be NamedFlow.getRegions(). But perhaps we should add an
attribute to the Element interface as well.

>Another option would be to restrict region properties in pseudo-elements
>for now, and stick with the original design. Are there really convincing
>use-cases we should have right now that lead us to want to allow regions
>inside ::before or ::after at this time? Because if not, we can keep the
>Region interface and implement it on Element... and wait for
>CSSPseudoElement to appear. 	

That's where we are now. I'm concerned that once CSSPseudoElement appears,
we would not be able to have it implement the current Region interface.
And there's a real possibility that CSSPseudoElement *never* makes an

I think ::before and ::after regions is useful in itself, but the main
thing is that I want to be compatible with *any* future box-generation
mechanism in CSS. The proposed change would allow this compatibility
up-front, without having to wait for CSSOM for pseudo-elements. And it
matches the extensions implemented/proposed for pseudo-elements
interacting with events.



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