Re: [matrix][cssom-view] DOMPoint, DOMPointLiteral definitions

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> -- DOMRect is the base interface for both immutable and mutable rects. It
> defines "current x/y/width/height" state and can expose methods that use
> that state. Other APIs can take DOMRects and be defined in terms of the
> current state. It allows read-only access to the current state and does not
> offer any mutation APIs.
> -- DOMRectImmutable extends DOMRect and adds the invariant that the state
> never changes. It probably doesn't need to add any new API. (However, being
> immutable is potentially meaningful to clients, because it allows them to
> avoid copying, so testing whether a rect is immutable could have value.)
> -- DOMRectMutable extends DOMRect and adds APIs to mutate the rect.

BTW if we take this approach then a "live rect" that's not immutable but
can't be changed by the client is exactly DOMRect.

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