Re: [css3-text] dropping min/opt/max values for word-spacing

On 09/24/2013 10:26 PM, John Daggett wrote:
> At the F2F the other week there was a resolution to drop the
> minimum/optimum/maximum for word-spacing:
>> fantasai: Actually, 2 things I want to drop from the spec currently:
>> fantasai: (1) 'text-align: start end'
>> fantasai: (2) word-spacing can take up to 3 values defining minimum
>>            optimum maximum; don't have any implementations and would prefer to
>>            drop and figure out justification limits in level 4
>> Bert: do we want to have limits or do we want to allow other algorithms as well?
>> Bert: I'm ok with dropping it, not sure we should add it back in afterwards.
>> fantasai: I think we should drop it until we have a clear idea what we want for that.
>> Koji: seems like consensus to drop
>> RESOLVED: drop minimum/optimum/maximum values for word-spacing
> I think these edits need be done before LC.

These edits were done Friday night after the F2F.
Have you checked the editor's draft?


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