Re: [css3-ruby] Small inconsistencies between the CSS document and the ruby HTML draft...

On 25/09/2013 12:03 , Ivan Herman wrote:
> (1) section 2.1, last item on 'ruby-text-container': shouldn't that
> item refer to HTML/XHTML <rtc> element, rather than <ruby>? This
> would also make it consistent with the UA style sheet in Appendix A
> ('Supporting Ruby Layout')

There's a small but existing possibility that this is referring to 
HTML5's <ruby>-inside-<ruby> feature which is sort of an <rtc>. If so, 
this should be clarified (since it might simply go away). If not, it's 
indeed an error.

> (2) section 2.1, the penultimate item refers to the XHTML <rbc>
> element (note that it does not refer to HTML...), and the same
> element also appears in the UA style sheet in Appendix A (referring
> to XHTML _and_ HTML). However, that element is not defined in[2]...

Overall I agree with Chris's notes here, though I'm not convinced that a 
rule for rbc should be in the default UA style sheet. HTML5 has a style 
sheet in its Rendering chapter, and I certainly wouldn't include that 
part (given that even if one uses XHTML, it's XHTML5 which does not have 

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