Re: [css3-gcpm] Page groups, named pages, and :first

Also sprach Simon Sapin:

 > > In this example, each article starts a new page group so that the
 > > first page of each article has a pink background.
 > >
 > > @page funky:first {
 > >   background: pink;
 > > }
 > > article {
 > >   page: funky;
 > >   page-group: start;
 > > }
 > >
 > > Without the ‘page-group: start’ declaration, only the first page of
 > > the first article would be pink.
 > This seems to assume that :first selects the first page of the group, 
 > which is not the case. The Paged Media defines :first as matching the 
 > first page *of the document*. This does not change when the pseudo-class 
 > is combined with a named page selector. (The two are just combined in a 
 > logical "and".)
 > I agree that it would be useful to select the first page of a group, but 
 > that is not :first.

Then we should redefine :first slightly, so that it can be combined
with names pages in a meaningful way. It seems like a useful feature
that has implementation experience and user demand.

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Received on Wednesday, 25 September 2013 19:07:36 UTC