[css3-gcpm] Does string-set work on elements or on boxes?


Example 5 says:

> The content is copied regardless of other settings on the element. In
> HTML, TITLE elements are normally not displayed, but in this example
> the content is copied into a named string:
> title {
>   display: none;
>   string-set: tittel content();
> }

This is an important point that should be specifed in normative text. I 
assume that "other settings" here means "value of other CSS properties".

But in this case, itís not just the properties of the same element that 
are relevant. In HTML, <title> is typically in a <head> element which 
itself has 'display: none'.

I understand the use case of the <title> element, but it may be a bit 

Without 'string-set', 'display: none' means that a whole subtree of the 
content/DOM/element tree can be skipped when generating boxes. Even 
doing the cascade and computed values on these elements is not strictly 
necessary. With 'string-set', however, implementations need to do all 
that just in case somewhere in the subtree is a 'string-set' value that 
involves generated content.

Is this use case worth the cost?

Simon Sapin

Received on Wednesday, 25 September 2013 14:59:37 UTC