Re: [css-color] Editorial: have an exhaustive definition of the <color> type

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013, 4:17:14 PM, you wrote:

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> The current ED has a section named "RGB Colors: the <color> type", and
> following sections that define other color values like hsl(). This split
> seems to imply that only RGB colors are <color>, the other values would
> be something else.

I agree that is misleading. Its not actually incorrect, since HSL is a
reformulation of RGB. But I agree that the spec should distinguish
between syntactic forms and semantic components. In particular, hsl
values are a valid <color> type.

Also, as we will be adding other ways of specifying colours, it needs
to be clear which are <color> and which are something else.
Particularly as some of them include <color> as one part (for a
fallback, for example).

> It would be preferable to have a section that defines <color> as an 
> explicit grammar, and have the various values (RGB, HSL, etc.) be 
> sub-sections.


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