[CSSWG] Minutes Paris F2F 2013-09-11 Wed II: Style Attrs, Spec Tools, CSSOM

Style Attributes

   - RESOLVED: Take Style Attribute to PR, with explanation of xml:base
               interaction test failure as an xml:base bug.

Spec Preprocessor

   Tab presented his new spec preprocessor, Bikeshed.


   - RESOLVED: setProperty's handling of importance logically behaves same
               as appending a declaration (like IE/WebKit)
   - RESOLVED: add a setPropertyValue and setPropertyPriority APIs

====== Full minutes below ======

Style Attributes

   fantasai: We have one test failure.
   fantasai: Interaction with XML namespaced attributes.
   dbaron: Interaction with xml:base and the ordering of attributes.
   fantasai: My recommendation is that we just take the impl report and
             explain it's not a failure of style attributes, it's a
             failure of xml:base.
   <fantasai> http://test.csswg.org/suites/css-style-attr/nightly-unstable/report/results.html
   fantasai: There's one impl that passes, so it's theoretically possible.
   dbaron: It's the interaction of relative urls in style='' and xml:base.
           The test has xml:base both before and after the style='', and
           it works in some orderings and not others.
   dbaron: Turns out nobody actually cares about xml:base.
   dbaron: I think we should just argue that this isn't our problem, and
           go to Rec with it.
   <sgalineau> it's a valid test, but if we can REC with it failing and
               it doesn't interop why does it have to be in the test suite?

   <zcorpan> {} in style="" in quirks mode:
   dbaron: Is this quirk only in Firefox, or in everyone?
   dbaron: It used to be present in everyone.
   zcorpan: Blink/WebKit and IE now pass (don't have the quirk).
   tantek: Sounds like a Moz bug report, not a spec issue then.

   fantasai: So are the chairs okay with taking this to rec with the failure?
   sgalineau: Why have the test at all if we don't care?
   tantek: Historically, we've said that CSS "works" with XML.
   tantek: I agree with presenting it as a failure that we don't care about.
   tantek: Better to be upfront and point it out.
   chrisL: does this work in HTML? We can argue with that too..
   dbaron: And it works in CSS with one ordering of the two, just not the
   krit: Also, SVGWG agreed not to use xml:base anymore.
   chrisl: And it works with the ordering that people use in practice
           (xml:base first?), so it's really an edge case.
   <tantek> apparently all your xml:base are not belong to us
   plinss: I kinda question whether this belongs in this testsuite.
   TabAtkins: I think it's fine here - we're not unit-testing, we do need
              to test interaction with techs we purport to be compatible with.
   fantasai: And we have tests for HTML <base>, so it's appropriate both ways.
   glazou: So consensus to move to PR?
   RESOLVED: Take Style Attribute to PR.
   glazou: Who's doing the transition call?
   glazou: Bert.

Scribe: fantasai

Preprocessor / Tools for spec writing

   ChrisL: One advantage of Tab's preprocessor over Bert's is that it
           doesn't require Member access
   TabAtkins: Well, I still use the biblio.ref file that's Member-only,
              but I have a chached copy on github.
   TabAtkins: New processor, wrote mainly so I can use Markdown-style
   TabAtkins: Called it Bikeshed, has nice new features
   TabAtkins: Like Bert's preprocessor, has automatic linking
   TabAtkins: Can use <i> or <a> for cross-linking
   TabAtkins: Automatic ID generation, same biblio entry generation
   TabAtkins: Tried to copy Bert's functionality as much as possible

   <SimonSapin> https://github.com/tabatkins/bikeshed
   <SimonSapin> https://github.com/tabatkins/bikeshed/tree/master/docs
   <dbaron> https://github.com/tabatkins/bikeshed/tree/master/docs/markup.md

   TabAtkins: Additional functionality includes removing all header data,
              replace with a <pre> block that gives all the relevant data
   TabAtkins: Similarly for propdef tables
   TabAtkins: Auto-generates all the boilerplate
   <sgalineau> https://github.com/tabatkins/bikeshed
   dbaron: Can you tweak the boilerplate if necessary?
   TabAtkins: Yes
   TabAtkins: Markdown-style paragraphs -- don't need <p> tags, makes text
              read more cleanly
   TabAtkins: Propdef tables much easier to write
   dbaron: Missing 'Animatable' lines
   <astearns> http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css-variables/Overview.src.html
              for example of boilerplate

   TabAtkins: If you're using sublime or ?, have a highlight file
   TabAtkins: Bert's preprocessor had two auto-link shortcuts, 'foo' and
   TabAtkins: I've added a bunch more, e.g. linking to productions
   [explains them]
   <dbaron> you should say the thing you said about not using tokens in
            the docs

   TabAtkins: The big feature is cross-spec cross-references
   <SimonSapin> \o/
   TabAtkins: Even outside of CSS -- any spec that Shepherd processes can
              be auto-linked
   TabAtkins: Same way as local link
   TabAtkins: Really helpful, because it will also catch lots of broken links
   TabAtkins: or links to the wrong place
   TabAtkins: Bikeshed throws a bunch of errors. Annoying on first convert,
              but helps you fix lots of things that were broken
   TabAtkins: Common problem that was missed by old processor -- multiple
              auto-link targets, used to pick first one, but that was very
              often wrong (e.g. linking to ''none'' keyword)
   TabAtkins: Help docs

   TabAtkins: Another fixup is <pre> block indent stripping
   TabAtkins: If you want to indent your sections, but have a pre block,
              can't indent the pre contents.
   TabAtkins: Bikeshed strips the leading indentation
   TabAtkins: So you can indent your <pre> in source, and have it publish

   TabAtkins: Also parses IDL blocks
   TabAtkins: Automatically adds definitions to all of them so can auto-link
              to them more easily
   TabAtkins: Relatively easy to install, just a few dependencies, so can
              run it locally.
   TabAtkins: Also can use server, just like Bert's -- it's set up on

   plinss: Also have automatic generation on csswg.org
   TabAtkins: If you do a commit with just the src file, will generate the
              HTML file on the server
   plinss: Nice thing about that is no commits of generated files
   <SimonSapin> \o/ again
   plinss: It will also regen all the other specs that depend on it
   fantasai: It's actually nice to have the generated version in version
             control, so that you can link to specific revisions
   dbaron: Would prefer if robot committed the regenned versions
   Alan: Concerned about case where robot generates a version, but there's
         an error, and I never hear about it

   TabAtkins: If you want to start using Bikeshed, you do need to know
              about auto-linking attributes
   TabAtkins: Usually not required but sometimes required
   TabAtkins: Auto-link targets are typed,
   TabAtkins: CSS types are usually auto-inferred
   TabAtkins: But in some cases need to say what type e.g.
                 attribute DOMString <dfn attribute>name</dfn>;
   TabAtkins: Need clarifications when have e.g. term and keyword that
              have same text (like 'inherit')

   TabAtkins: For more disambiguation, you can declare what a value or
              attribute or descriptor belongs to
   TabAtkins: by adding a 'for' attribute
   TabAtkins: e.g. <a for=flex>none</a>
   TabAtkins: Will link to the correct <dfn>none</dfn>, rather than a
              random one.
   TabAtkins: Only need to do this if it's ambiguous

   TabAtkins: Other than that, completely usable. Using it on most specs
              that I've touched in last few months
   TabAtkins: Several other people are using it, too

   krit: [describes fxtf preprocessing toolchain]
   <sgalineau> it's preprocessors all the way down

   plinss: If there's a spec that bikeshed isn't linking to, trivial to
           add to Shepherd
   krit: Robin has a spec link database
   TabAtkins: [...]
   TabAtkins: Pulling from specref repo might be fine
   TabAtkins: ... anchors to terms

   TabAtkins: If you convert over to bikeshed, we export most things
              (like properties, values), but don't export <dfn> terms
              by default
   TabAtkins: Because specs often define spec-internal terminology
   TabAtkins: But can export specific terms by adding export boolean to
              <dfn> or <dl> containing <dfn>s.
   dbaron: Does it do auto-linking without network access?
   plinss: Downloads data from Shepherd
   TabAtkins: Doesn't update automatically yet
   fantasai: Maybe just set up a cron job to commit an update of the data
             every day?
   TabAtkins: That would be easy, but won't update people's comps
   dbaron: But I could have my daily auto-update script pull the bikeshed

   TabAtkins: If you have issues inline in your specs, will generate
              index of them
   TabAtkins: Also, generates links anchoring to section headings etc.
   Alan: If you only checkin the source, will auto-generate the processed copy
   astearns: Will it also update...
   plinss: Anything that server generates, it will regenerate everything
   astearns: There's a cross-link between shapes and masking. If I change
             one and masking needs to be updated, there should be a
             notification for Dirk.
   TabAtkins: [...]

   plinss: Another nice thing is that, because has extra data about definition
           types and what they're for, have been improving Shepherd's spec
   TabAtkins: We will be able to have an index of all CSS at-rules, properties,
   TabAtkins: Everybody wants this
   TabAtkins: Various efforts to do this, but can auto-gen it now.
   plinss: It can be auto-genned on the server, live
   Bert: we have a list, but it's auto-generated every 24 hours
   TabAtkins: It's just a property list. Can get more info
   Bert: But only for specs using bikeshed
   plinss: Shepherd is already parsing all he specs all the time
   TabAtkins: Most things not with bikeshed, won't have as rich data
   TabAtkins: but can still get a lot of it out
   plinss: Shepherd is getting better, e.g. now can parse IDL

   TabAtkins: If anyone wants help running locally or anything, let me know
   TabAtkins: I can also help with converting over your spec
   fantasai: Can you make the module template for bikeshed?

   Bert: Your documents, they don't use HTML as input
   TabAtkins: They use almost HTML
   Bert: I like my documents to be valid HTML
   TabAtkins: That's fine, just don't use the shorthand syntax
   Bert: One criteria for mine was that the input can be valid HTML
   TabAtkins: Yes, saw your goals and tried to implement in bikeshed.
   TabAtkins: Anything you can do shorthand in Bikeshed, can do longhand
              as well
   TabAtkins: and has good rerun capabilities (running on its own output)

   krit: Markdown?
   TabAtkins: Starting a new line of text after a blank line will generate <p>,
              unless you flip option to not do that
   SimonSapin: it's not actually Markdown, just Mardown-style paragraphs
   TabAtkins: yes

   * dbaron is glad TabAtkins wrote bikeshed, but hasn't had the chance
            to try it yet

CSS Style Declarations

   <glazou> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2013Aug/0431.html
   dbaron: Issue is mostly about how CSSOM deals with !important
   dbaron: We used to have interop except Presto
   dbaron: Except zack changed how Gecko works to match Presto
   dbaron: Fundamental issue is what model is for element.style.setProperty
           or element.style.foo
   dbaron: In a style sheet, if you write
             p { color: green !important; color: red; }
   dbaron: You get green
   dbaron: Even though red is afterward, you wrote !important on the green,
           so you get green
   dbaron: So if you ask for color in that declaration block, you'd get
           the first declaration.
   dbaron: My previous mental model for how this works is that, you are
           essentially appending another declaration to the block.
   dbaron: Suppose you say p.style.color = 'purple'
   glazou: the question is "does the absence of the importance means
           preserve existing importance?"

   dbaron: Multiple questions
   dbaron: OM no longer has 'color: red', because only maintains one
           declaration for any given property
   dbaron: So by the time we have OM, no longer have 'color: red'.
   dbaron: So when you do p.setProperty(color, purple)
   dbaron: In Webkit/IE/early Gecko
   dbaron: This was equivalent to appending a declaration
   dbaron: You would not keep purple, because have !important declaration
   dbaron: Presto/new-webkit drops the !important declaration and replaces
           it with purple declaration
   dbaron: There's obscure use cases for ...
   * Bert maybe p.style.color.important = purple?

   glazou: If importance is not mentioned in setProperty, it sets the
           property to the value without importance; doesn't preserve
           existing importance.
   glazou: CSS editors online and offline are based on that behavior
   TabAtkins: dbaron's says that setting prop, effectively appends to block,
               get whatever behavior out of that
   TabAtkins: Other model is finding exiting declaration and replaces its
   TabAtkins: Argue for that because API exposed is one for a single
              declaration, not a list of declarations
   TabAtkins: list-like behavior only shows up in this one particular case
   TabAtkins: Don't think we should have this corner case dictate the
              underlying model
   <sgalineau> fwiw i always thought of style as showing the resolved
               cascaded set of declarations; the whole !important business
               does feel like it's another API entirely.

   dbaron: More things to think about --
   dbaron: When you do setProperty(color,purple)
   dbaron: Can get green !important, purple, or purple !important

   dbaron: Think third option should not be
   glazou: I agree with dbaron
   dbaron: Don't think we should change the existing API to distinguish
           between omitted argument and empty string, particularly because
           original API required all three arguments.
   ?: Are there browsers that require third arguments?
   dbaron: Gecko did for awhile, so there is a big pile of existing content
           that uses the third argument because it was required.

   glazou: I think we're having discussion because ... setProperty,
           also setPropertyValue and setPropertyPriority
   dbaron: Whole idea of this being unordered set of things doesn't fly
   dbaron: All implementations maintain it as ordered
   dbaron: We need the ordering if we are going to do logical properties
   zcorpan: Spec describes an order
   dbaron: Yes. Not sure it's correct, but does describe an order
   dbaron: Behavior you get in some cases is weird, because of finding an
           existing case and making it not (??)
   dbaron: We're really not following the model that it's logically append
   dbaron: Because if there's an existing declaration, replacing parts of it.
   dbaron: I would be fine with SetPropertyValue/SetPropertyPriority
   dbaron: Would much prefer that to distinguishing emptystring vs non-value
   zcorpan: Change setProperty to do what IE does

   dbaron: Is everyone ok with changing to IE/WebKit behavior, behaves mostly
           like appending?
   zcorpan: I'm ok with that
   TabAtkins: Yeah
   RESOLVED: setProperty's handling of importance logically behaves same
              as appending a declaration (like IE/WebKit)
   RESOLVED: add a setPropertyValue and setPropertyPriority APIs
   ChrisL: Rationale: David's been doing this for a long time and seems to
           know what he's doing, so let's just all agree with him.
   <TabAtkins> setPropertyValue appends a new declaration, stealing the
               importance from the currently winning decl of that property
               if it exists.
   <TabAtkins> setPropertyPriority appends, stealing value. If no decl for
               that property yet, either no-ops or throws.
   glazou: glad to see addition of setPropertyPriority and setPropertyValue,
           will really simplify some of my code
   glazou: Not having to getPriority to set a value would be great. I like
           this resolution a lot.

   <dbaron> (Also, there was some discussion about what setPropertyValue
             and setPropertyPriority would do when there's no existing
             declaration: we talked about setPropertyValue behaving like
             setProperty with "", and setPropertyPriority would either
             need to no-op or throw.)

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