[css-text] Implementing text-align-last unprefixed?

As part of my work this summer I did implement today the "text-align-last" property in webkit, unprefixed. Before submitting a patch for review, I was wondering whether it was okay to leave the property unprefixed.

IE ships "text-align-last" unprefixed since IE5 (but doesn't support the start/end values), and Firefox (which does support start/end) now ships "-moz-text-align-last" since a few years, and the implementation didn't seem to change during all this time.

I see no valid reason for the property values currently in the draft to be renamed or removed, so I guess it's safe to ship unprefixed, but I guess this kind of decision requires a WG approval (before even considering any webkit-related approval I'm not yet aware of), doesn't it?

What's your take?

Received on Wednesday, 18 September 2013 23:55:17 UTC