Re: [css-fonts-3] i18n-ISSUE-297: Double slash before URI

On Mon, 16 Sep 2013 09:05:01 +0200, Martin J. Dürst  
<> wrote:

> On 2013/09/13 11:13, John Daggett wrote:
>> Richard Ishida wrote:
>>> 4.9.1. Default same-origin restriction
>>> "src: url(//fonts/simple.ttf);"
>>> Is the // intentional?
>> Yeah, that's incorrect, as John notes that should have a TLD in there.
>> Best just to trim this.
> I'm not sure exactly what you mean by trim.

Just remove the whole line.

The example says:

/* same origin (i.e. domain, scheme, port match document) */
src: url(fonts/simple.ttf);
src: url(//fonts/simple.ttf);

The example would be clear and simple with only the first line.

> One solution is to make this
>    "src: url(/fonts/simple.ttf);"
> That's the 'simple.ttp' file in the /fonts directory on the same server  
> as the stylesheet itself.


> Another solution is to make it
>     "src: url(//;"
> which would be an independent site providing the font.

No, then it wouldn't be same origin.

> Another solution is
>     "src: url(fonts/simple.ttf);"
> where fonts/ would be a subdirectory of the place where the stylesheet  
> is.

That would be identical to the line above it.

Simon Pieters
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