Re: F2F agenda topic: Fonts Task Force

On 03/09/13 4:55 AM, Dirk Schulze wrote:

> Maybe it is just an organization issue, but we spend several weeks on discussions about font issues. A TF on the other hand would be structured around fonts and font experts with more focus. I would even suggest to give the TF the right to make decisions and just leave a veto right to the CSS WG (discussions remain on the TF though).

Is this a role that might be coordinated with the existing W3C Webfonts 
working group? I can imagine that the make-up of any CSS Fonts Task 
Force might correspond pretty exactly to membership of the Webfonts 
working group: a mix of font experts and browser engineers focused on 
text layout.

FYI: at the recent Webfonts WG face-to-face in Portland, we also 
discussed setting up a community group to discuss aspects of font 
support beyond the scope of the current Webfonts WG charter (e.g. an OFF 
profile for webfonts, as proposed by Adam Twardoch).


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