Re: [css3-fonts] "font-feature-settings: none" shorthand?

On 30/05/13 9:57 AM, Glenn Adams wrote:

> I respectfully disagree. In discussing an early implementation of this
> property in the Apache FOP project (as an extension for XSL-FO), a user
> has asked for the ability to turn off all font features unilaterally.
> For their use cases, they offer that for experimentation with font
> features (in general), they want to experiment with behavioral results,
> and want to turn off all features without having to specify all features
> individually or have to know which features are supported and specifying
> them as off as a subset of all features.

To be clear, when you refer to turning off 'all features', do you means 
absolutely all -- including those used by script engines for basic text 
shaping, or do you mean only those discretionary layout features that 
are normally on by default. If what you are asking for is a mechanism to 
globally disable discretionary layout features, that seems reasonable, 
although obviously relies on being able to tell the difference between 
required and discretionary features.

But if you mean, in effect, disable all OpenType Layout for a font, then 
I think it would not only be dangerous but also likely to produce 
different results depending on user agent interactions with shaping 
engines, and on individual developer notions of what really is really, 
really required layout for, say, Devanagari text.


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