Re: [css-animations] CSS animations and non-interactive media

On May 26, 2013, at 8:53 pm, L. David Baron <> wrote:

> is currently not clear on
> what CSS animations should do in non-interactive media.  (The
> "Media" lines in the spec are almost certainly wrong.)
> For example, when printing, what happens to CSS animations?  There
> are two obvious choices:
>  (1) ignore the animation properties and don't apply any animations
>  (2) honor the animation properties and freeze the animations at
>      time 0

(3) print out a page for each frame of animation :)

> I tend to think the correct answer is (1); this allows authors to
> get reasonable fallback when the initial state of their animation is
> offscreen or similarly useless, and it matches the fallback they
> already (should) have for implementations that don't support CSS
> animations.
> (It's not what Gecko currently implements, but I'm thinking of
> changing it.)

I'm fine with (1).


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