Re: [css-variables] Slight tweak to value space of CSS variables

On Wednesday 2013-05-22 13:38 +0800, Simon Sapin wrote:
> Iā€™d be fine with a note that says exactly what is *not* allowed.
> Something like this, although of course the list could be tweaked:
>     A custom property declaration is ignored if it contains a <i>bad
> token</i>. A <dfn>bad token</dfn> is a BAD_STRING token, BAD_URL
> token, BAD_COMMENT token[1], unmatched '}' token, unmatched ']'
> token, unmatched ')' token, or a block or function that contains a
> <i>bad token</i>.

One problem here is that CSS 2.1 produces BAD_STRING and BAD_URL at
end-of-file, when our current end-of-file handling rules say that
strings and URLs should in fact be valid.  (Though I'm tending
towards thinking that change may have been a mistake.)

It might actually make more sense to fix that in 2.1 than trying to
work around it in variables.

Otherwise this seems reasonable to me.


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