[css3-fonts] font-variant-* Comments II


   # The ‘simplified’ and ‘traditional’ values allow control ..

In keeping with the JIS set of features, move this paragraph
into the definition of 'traditional'. (Alternately, use some
other convention, just don't do two different things.)


   # The value ‘normal’ resets all other font feature properties
   # to their inital value.

Other? Other than what? Did you just mean s/other//?

   #  subproperties



   # User agents must not use a feature tag created by
   # truncating or padding the string to four characters.

Given the previous sentence stating that tag strings must
be exactly four characters long else they're invalid, I
think this sentence is more confusing than helpful.

   # in the font, they are not

Run-on. s/,/;/ or split the sentence.

   # Authors should generally use ‘font-variant’ and its
   # related subproperties whenever possible

I'd like to see this sentence up front, rather than buried here,
as we want authors to notice it.

Also, sub-properties, with a hyphen.

   # Where possible, features defined for other font formats
   # should attempt to follow the pattern of registered OpenType
   # tags.

Are you trying to assert a conformance clause on other font
formats, or am I misinterpreting the audience of this sentence?


   # The value of ‘normal’ implies that when rendering with
   # OpenType fonts the language of the document is used to
   # infer the OpenType language system, used to select language
   # specific features when rendering.


s/that when/that, when/
s/fonts the language/fonts, the language/
s/system, used/system used/

   # The value of the <string> is a single three-letter
   # OpenType language system tag, defined in the layout
   # tag registry of the OpenType specification.

   s/tag, defined/tag defined/
   s/tag, defined/tag, as defined/

Also, what if it's not? Is the declaration invalid?


Received on Thursday, 23 May 2013 11:56:51 UTC