[css3-fonts] Minor Comments on Font Loading Guidelins


   # The @font-face rule is designed to allow lazy loading of
   # fonts, fonts are only downloaded when needed for use within
   # a document.

Run-on sentence. Suggestion
   s/fonts, fonts/fonts; that is, fonts/

   # user agents may download a font if it's listed in a font
   # list but is not actually used for a given text run.

I would like some clarification: does "listed in a font
list" mean:
   a) specified in a valid 'font-family' declaration
   b) specified in a valid 'font-family' declaration
      that matches an actual element in the page
   c) something else?

Also, s/listed in a font list/specified in a 'font-family' list/.

   # user agents may render text as it would be rendered if
   # downloadable font resources are not available or they
   # may render text transparently with fallback fonts to
   # avoid a flash of text using a fallback font. In cases

This is a pretty long sentence already, and the or isn't
really exclusive: you have to do the first in order to do
the second. So I suggest (changes marked with ^^^)

   | downloadable font resources are not available. They
   |                                              ^^^
   | may also render such text transparently to avoid a
   |     ^^^^        ^^^^
   | flash of text in the fallback font. However, in cases

   # display text, simply leaving

Run on. s/, s/: s/ should work to fix it.

   # Authors are advised to use fallback fonts in their
   # font lists that closely match the vertical metrics
   # of the downloadable


Question: why are vertical metrics more special than
horizontal ones here?


   # Fonts can only be loaded

Unless cross-origin loading is enabled? Statement seems

   # Given a document located at http://example.com/page.html

This paragraph and the code block after is should be
wrapped in <div class="example">, since it's an example.

   # User agents must also implement the ability to relax
   # this restriction using cross-site origin controls [CORS]
   # for fonts loaded via HTTP.

Suggest moving "for fonts loaded via HTTP" to the front
of this sentence, since it scopes the whole paragraph.


Received on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 06:44:59 UTC