Re: [css3-fonts] Minor Comments IV

On 20/05/13 10:42 AM, "Gérard Talbot" wrote:

>>>     # User agents that apply platform font aliasing rules to
>>>     # font family names defined via @font-face rules are
>>>     # considered non-conformant.

>>> >>I have no idea what "platform font aliasing rules" means.

> Isn't there a setting in operating systems where an user can disable or
> enable (and even customize: eg
> ) font aliasing ? I would think this is what platform font aliasing rules
> would mean.


I think a different meaning of 'aliasing' is being used in this context, 
and Gérard's response indicates ample room for confusion. The CSS Fonts 
Module uses the term 'alias' in the context of font matching, e.g.

	Create an alias for local Japanese fonts on
	different platforms

But the gerund aliasing has a specific technical meaning in the context 
of vector rasterisation and, hence, display of scalable outline fonts. 
This is what Gérard refers to.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to come up with some different terms 
than 'alias' and, especially, 'aliasing' in the sense that the CSS Fonts 
Module is currently using the term?


PS. On the subject of aliasing in the sense that Gérard understood the 
term, I would, these days, equate 'platform' with particular display 
engines rather than operating systems.

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