Re: [CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-05-15

On 5/15/13 5:42 PM, "fantasai" <> wrote:
>CSS Regions WD
>   <glazou> 
>   astearns: this is just a WD update; the current one is 9 months old
>   glazou: I support this; there have been quite a few changes
>   bradk: I did not like the move from @region to a pseudo-element
>   bradk: I think this is a big change
>   rossen: I would like another week to review this
>   astearns: ok, let's do this next week.

That was the end of the Regions discussion.

Then the topic switched:

>   dbaron: would prefer 2 weeks
>   glazou: action on everyone to review Syntax two weeks from now
>   * fantasai notes that Gecko Layout team has a work week next week

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