Re: [css3-fonts] Arabic and generic families

fantasai wrote:

>    # Some scripts, such as Arabic, are almost always cursive.
> This section seems to handle Arabic rather poorly. It's not useful
> to classify all Arabic fonts as cursive, just because the script
> has a cursive nature. There are differences in fonts, just as there
> are in Chinese fonts, that are analogous to the serif/sans-serif/
> monospace categories. And Arabic *does* have "printed" and "cursive"
> forms. (I can read "printed" handwriting, but I can't read "cursive".)

Spec updated, I removed the sentence above and the Arabic sample from
the cursive illustration. Also reworked some of the descriptions to
try and reflect John Hudson's categorization of generics by role
rather than glyph style and Behdad's definition of 'cursive'.

Much of the text in this section is leftover from 2.1 [1], it's rather
verbose but I'm sort of ambivalent about trying to put lots of time to
rework it as I don't know that will change much about how it's used in




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