Re: [css-writing-modes][naming] Logical caption-side

On May 13, 2013, at 3:10 PM, fantasai <> wrote:

> Proposed logicalization per WG resolution on [1]:
>  caption-side: start | end | start-outside | end-outside | inline-start | inline-end
> Alternative proposals welcome.

I had assumed that if disambiguation was needed, it would be applied evenly. Such as thusly:

caption-side: block-start | block-end | block-start-outside | block-end-outside | inline-start | inline-end

I suppose it could be argued that since inline-side captions are more unusual, that only they should use the additional disambiguation words. But I think that would be confusing as we add to these keywords to more and more properties & values, trying to remember which have 'inline-' added to them and which have 'block-' added to them, if it is not done consistently. 

I thought we would only leave off the 'block-' part if there was no 'inline-' version, and vice versa.

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