Re: [CSS21][css3-text] letter-spacing, word-spacing and justification

On 05/10/2013 07:17 PM, fantasai wrote:
> Part II: Add 'fixed' keyword to disallow justification
>    We have a problem if we allow justification for letter-spacing always;
>    German typesetting rules requires that it not be allowed! So here is
>    a proposal --
>      letter-spacing: normal | <length> || fixed
>    If 'fixed' keyword is specified, then justification cannot alter
>    letter-spacing, only word-spacing.
> I think Part I is important to take. I am open to other suggestions to
> solve the use case in Part II...

Another possibility is to make 'text-justify: inter-word' disallow
letter-spacing, using only word-spacing. (Currently 'text-justify: distribute'
disallows word-spacing, using only letter-spacing, so this is a nice parallel.)


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