[css-text-decor] Text shadows spec correction

Forwarding with Louis's permission; thank you Louis for the feedback.

From: Louis Lazaris [mailto:lazaris@impressivewebs.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2013 9:43 PM
To: Ishii, Koji a | Koji | BLD
Subject: Text shadows spec correction

Hi, I've tried to send this to the W3C mailing list, but it didn't seem to go through:

Regarding this section on text shadows:


It says:

"Values are interpreted as for 'box-shadow' [CSS3BG]. (But note that spread values are not allowed.)"

The box-shadow section of the spec that this links to explains that the box-shadow property also accepts an optional "inset" keyword. This keyword is not allowed for the text-shadow property, so the note in the parentheses should be updated to say:

"(But note that spread values and the inset keyword are not allowed.)"

Unless I'm not understanding something here, please correct this. Thank you!


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