[css-backgrounds] Overlays and Masks

Dear W3C,

I'm not sure how you contribute to this forum but I found this email 
address so I though I'ld contact you via this and let you know a few 
ideas for CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 4, which would make my life 
as a web deisgner easier.

- Overlay

This property would work exactly like background and would have all the 
same sub-properties (i.e background-image would become overlay-image) 
and features.

The reason for this is, that some times I want to overlay images or 
decoration in a div that appears over the content. At the moment this 
requires alot of fidiling around with positioning and divs, it would be 
easier if I could just have an image to overlay the content.

- Masks

This would be a property where I give it a url to an image which would 
be a greyscale image The browser would use this to mask the element, i.e 
black parts are hidden, white bits are shown and anything inbetween has 
diffrent amounts of opacity.

I reccoment also allowing them to set the offset or size of the mask 
like in background-position or background-size.

This would open opitunities to have features such as a feathred box as I 
can just apply a mask to it to pull off that effect. At the momenth 
effects such as this are impossible.

Let me know what you think of these suggestions.

May thanks,


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