[css3-page] Overflow-y:-webkit-paged-x behaviour when margins applied."


When Overflow-Y:-webkit-paged-x is applied on HTML Body Element, The page
behaves like column inline display. This is understood as expected.

<body style=" margin-top:200px; margin-bottom:200px;
This is Test behaviour when pagination is applied on page
If Body has Overflow-y:-webkit-paged-x and margin-top like above example,
margin-bottom CSS Properties, Then what should be the expected behaviour??

Attached is the image (overflow-PAGEDX.png) shows with current behaviour.
>This doesnot apply margin across the columns.
> Is this the correct behaviour??
> Should the margin-top and margin-bottom has to be applied to all columns
or not??

<body style=" margin-top:200px; margin-bottom:200px;
This is Test behaviour when column-width is applied on page

Attached image (-webkit-column-width.png) for column width css property
> This applies margin evenly across columns

Please explain what is difference between CSS Properties -
webkit-column-width and overflow-y:-webkit-paged-x.
And What should be expected behaviour When overflow PAGEDX applied on body
and margin-top and margin-bottom

Thanks and Regards

Received on Thursday, 2 May 2013 17:20:01 UTC