[css-exclusions] Splitting exclusions from shapes

Hey all,

I would like to split the current contents of CSS Exclusions and Shapes
into at least two documents:

CSS Exclusions
(wrap-flow and wrap-through)
This would contain only the current section 3, and define how exclusions
work without reference to shapes.

CSS Shapes
(shape values and shape-outside on floats)
This would contain most of section 4, include all the methods for
specifying shapes, and define shape-outside on floats.

Extra bits
(shape-inside, shape-outside on exclusions)
Since shape-inside depends on the exclusions processing model, this and
using shape-outside on exclusions would be deferred to some later document
that could depend on both of the above. It would probably turn into the
next level of CSS Shapes, but might just live on a wiki page until we're
ready for that.

Exclusions and Shapes are both useful on their own, and hopefully breaking
these two apart will make both smaller pieces more feasible to consider



Received on Wednesday, 1 May 2013 17:37:50 UTC