Re: [css3-text] Balance Text proposal: <br> handling

The description so far doesn't mention how to handle forced breaks in the text
to be balanced.  I see that the javascript implementation simply strips these,
which of course seems wrong.  What's less clear is what the right behaviour is:
whether to balance individual br-delimited fragments independently of each
other, or whether <br> is allowed to leave a short line, or something part way
between, or whether to try something more sophisticated that sometimes uses
more than the minimum number of lines in order to reduce variation and/or short

I don't think this is a blocking issue: I think most of those possibilities
(other than what the current proof-of-concept code does) are acceptable.
I'm just mentioning it as something that would benefit from discussion and
an issue to be mentioned in a spec.


Received on Thursday, 31 January 2013 02:17:13 UTC