RE: [css3-text] text-justify: inter-ideograph should not separate U+3033 from U+3035

The spec says:

> The exact justification algorithm is UA-dependent;
> however, CSS provides some general guidelines which
> should be followed when any justification method other
> than 'auto' is specified.

and at the end of the section, it points to JLREQ as an example logic for Japanese justification.

So, yes you're right, you're very welcome to implement more detailed justification logic based on JLREQ if your product targets Japanese market.

It's just that CSS Text does not require everyone to do so.


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I read current editor's draft of CSS Text Module Level 3.

It says about text-justify: inter-ideograph[1]:
> 'inter-ideograph'
> Justification primarily changes spacing at word separators and between characters in block scripts. This value is typically used for CJK languages.

Block script is defined like following[2]:
> block scripts
> CJK and by extension all Wide characters. (See [UAX11]) The following 
> scripts are included: Bopomofo, Han, Hangul, Hiragana, Katakana, Yi

UAX11 define U+3033 and U+3033 are wide characters.
Therefore, text-justify: inter-ideograph should separate U+3033 from U+3035..

However, Requirements for Japanese Text Layout define them as inseparable characters[3].

I think separating U+3033 from U+3035 is odd behavior from Japanese perspective.


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