[text-decor-4] Emphasis marks and fonts

On 02/01/2013 10:33 PM, MURAKAMI Shinyu wrote:
> We (Antenna House) implemented this behavior by default and also
> implemented the -ah-text-emphasis-offset property that specifies
> minimum offset between emphasis dots and the base text.
> I put an example:
> http://nadita.com/test/ruby/ruby-kenten.html
> The result rendered by Antenna House Formatter:
> http://nadita.com/test/ruby/ruby-kenten-ahf.png

When we were talking with Ken Lunde at Adobe, we were told that the font
of emphasis marks never changes, that they are just shapes like list
item bullets are shapes, and shouldn't change by font. He also noted that
fonts with these glyphs are not consistent in how they are sized, which
makes it hard to rely on them. This was why they used the Kenten font.

But I noticed you also have quite a few properties to control the emphasis
marks' fonts. Are they used much? Is this something you think we need to
investigate for L4?


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