Re: [css3-text] indices and animatable

On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 6:26 PM, John Daggett <> wrote:
> Tab Atkins wrote:
>>> I'm aware it's auto-generated via the 'title' attribute.  My point
>>> was the resulting index needs cleaning up.  For example, the "tab
>>> size" entry really isn't a definition in this case, it justs says
>>> "the tab size is given by the ‘tab-size’ property."
>> So what you're actually saying is that some things shouldn't be
>> definitions, right?  We can't actually clean up the index itself,
>> without manually tweaking the generated file.  (Or adding
>> functionality to Bikeshed and converting Text to it.)
> Yes, that's right, the definitions/titles need to be tidied to make
> the index more concise.  Having gone through this with the Fonts spec,
> it feels like busywork but I think it's important busywork for the
> resulting document.

Okay.  So, we use definitions both for the traditional sense of
"definitions" and as autolink targets for commonly-used terms,
particularly plain English terms that we are using in a technical

What sort of things do you think are useless definitions?  I can just
have a way to exclude them from the index.

>>> It's also puzzling why the index ends up with a '.' at the end of
>>> all section numbers.
>> Because that's the text content of the heading's number span, which
>> is what Bert's processor uses.  (Bikeshed doesn't do this.)
> So the Fonts spec doesn't end up with the '.' appended so I'm not quite
> sure what you mean.  This seems to be preprocessor voodoo:
> Fonts spec:
> <h3 id="font-fetching-requirements">Font fetching requirements</h3>
> Output TOC:
> ==> 4.9 Font fetching requirements
> Text spec:
>   <h3 id="white-space-rules">
>     The White Space Processing Rules</h3>
> Output TOC:
> ==> 4.1. The White Space Processing Rules
> Ah, voodoo, where's that chicken when I need it...

That's weird.  Well, whatever.  Switch to Bikeshed (or let me do it
for you). ^_^


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