[css-counter-styles] japanese-informal counter style


I found some problem in the examples japanese-informal counter style.


        Informal Japanese Kanji numbering (e.g., 一万一千百十一) 

"一万一千百十一" is not correct for Japanese informal style. It should be "一万千百十一".

    EXAMPLE 12
    japanese-informal  〇  一  二  三  一十  一十一  九十九  一百  一百一  一万 

"一十" should be "十"
"一十一" should be "十一"
"一百" should be "百"
"一百一" should be "百一"

These digit 1 "一" preceding the digit markers (十, 百, 千) should be dropped.
I think the following rule has a problem:


    5. Drop ones:
      ◦ For the Japanese informal and Korean informal styles, 
        if any of the digit markers are preceded by the digit 1, 
        and that digit is not the first digit of the group, 
        remove the digit (leave the digit marker). 

Here, "and that digit is not the first digit of the group" seems not necessary.

I don't know about the Korean informal style, but seems it should be verified too.


Shinyu Murakami
Antenna House

Received on Thursday, 15 August 2013 10:52:56 UTC