Re: wording of font fetching algorithm

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What I am saying, is that the following requirement:

For font loads, user agents must use the potentially CORS-enabled
fetch method defined by the [HTML5] specification for URL's defined
within @font-face rules. When fetching, user agents must use
"Anonymous" mode, set the referrer source to the stylesheet's URL and
set the origin to the URL of the containing document.

Is the only relevant requirement. That specifies what happens both for
same-origin and cross-origin. So saying that there's a same-origin
restriction does not make any sense. Saying that it's relaxed does not
make sense either. It's superfluous and wrong.

So the only paragraph in all of section 4.9 that should remain is that
paragraph. Even the example in 4.9.1 is wrong as it suggests no
loading happens whereas the paragraph in 4.9.2 requires it to happen
(and it will only fail if the relevant headers are missing in the


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