Re: [css3-transitions] Frame Rate

On 9/29/12 12:52 PM, Rik Cabanier wrote:
> Is this 60fps defined in a spec, or is it just accepted practice?

The latter.  Though in many cases I think it's a consequence of tying 
the animation to vsync and the fact that most LCD panels go at 60Hz.

> The flash player allows setting of the frame rate and this is a
> _*guaranteed*_ number of frames per second. This means that if a script
> or an animation takes too long, the animation will start skipping frames
> so things stay in perfect sync (ie if you want to sync audio or video
> with an animation) but scripts will still run.
> The event model in browsers is not compatible with this so we'd need a
> major architecture change if this should be added.

I'm not sure what about browsers is incompatible with this.  I thought 
the whole point of requestAnimationFrame and declarative animations was 
to allow frame skipping as needed in the face of limited compute resources!


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