RE: [css3-conditional] Resolving issues

[Tab Atkins Jr.:]
> The Conditional spec <> is
> basically finished.  It's only got a handful of issues preventing it from
> advancing:
> Issue 1, using the new conditions with @import.  We propose pushing this
> to level 4.  It's not high-priority, so there's no reason to delay the
> rest of the spec, or rush its development.


> Issue 2, the "font_face_rule" production is not defined by Fonts.  We
> propose just fixing Fonts, and removing this issue.  ^_^

Seems reasonable.

> Issue 3, forward compatible parsing of @supports.  We believe the forward-
> compatible parsing is sufficient here.  Testing selectors and whatnot can
> be easily done in a way that is invalid per the current grammar.

I recall we talked about this in San Diego though I'm not sure we reached
a conclusion? I'd like to hear more about this one.

> Issue 4, adding an example with !important, can be trivially done.
> I'll pick that up tomorrow - it takes all of ten minutes.
> The remaining issues are all regarding @document, and are substantially
> harder.  We propose pushing @document to level 4, so the rest of the spec
> can advance quickly, since we already have several implementors wanting to
> release the other features.

I agree with this.

> Are our suggested fixes acceptable?  Are there any other issues that
> aren't yet marked in the draft?  If the answers are yes and no,
> respectively, we'll fix them and request a new WD this week or next.
> ~TJ and fantasai

Received on Tuesday, 25 September 2012 15:15:07 UTC