Re: [css3-conditional] Supported vs. valid declaration.

On Thursday 2012-09-20 14:51 +0200, Simon Sapin wrote:
> Le 20/09/2012 14:40, Boris Zbarsky a รฉcrit :
> >>Iโ€™m thinking in particular of 6.2โ€™s comment on values that might be
> >>valid in a spec but the UA "do not have a usable level of support for".
> >Sane UAs would treat that as "invalid".  Of course historically not all
> >UAs are always sane.:(
> ยง6.2 seems to require such sanity in @supports for conformance, but
> it (or something) should do the same with declarations.

The second sentence of section 6.2 [1] was intended to do exactly
this, where it says:

  # must not accept or support a declaration containing such a value

Would it be clearer to change:
  accept -> accept as a declaration
  support -> <a href="#support-definition">support</a>

Or do you see another way to make it clearer?



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