RE: [css-variables] Custom properties using the 'var' prefix? (Issue 1, !important)

[François REMY:]
> Use any prefix, but use something that actually make sense.
'Anything except var-' is not any prefix, is it? :) Dude, 
seriously, you have been one of the drivers of all the 
prefix bikeshedding around here so you're not in the best 
spot to call to order in this department.
Still, you're right about this specific thread going off into 
the weeds again. My bad.

> If you can point me any programming language which use a different
> identifier to refer to a variable when you define it and when you read it,
> please do.

There is no shortage of programming languages that have a dedicated definition 
statement for identifiers (whether variables or constants). There is Dim in 
various BASICs, var in JS or Pascal, or just a type and other qualifiers in C 
and derivatives...So the concept is certainly not confusing; a lot of people 
have been exposed to this spec and it's not clear to me that massive confusion
is caused because the separator between definition statement and name is a '-' 
instead of n spaces. This entire area sounds like more bikeshedding to me at 
this stage.

I don't get the renaming point argument either; that seems bound to your appeal 
for extending this feature to all properties; which assumes it's doable. (And
by doable I don't just mean technically possible but in a performant, usable 
and reliable way).

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