Re: [css-variables] Custom properties using the 'var' prefix? (Issue 1, !important)

I don't care if, at the end, the chosen prefix is 'my' or 'x' or 'c' or 'custom'. I just don't want it to be 'var' and I point out that 'my' was the most used prefix before the specification was made. I didn't name the issue 'Custom properties should use the my prefix!', I named it 'Custom properties using the var prefix?' because the point is that we almost all agree, except Tab, that it should not be using the 'var' prefix because custom properties are not variables.
The issue is much stronger than just a naming convention. Tab still view 'custom properties' as variables while most of us decided it was a bad model to have in mind. At some point, we will have to choose between the two models, and rather now than after the inclusion in Chrome of an implementation of Tab's draft.
While I see that 'URL Parameters should be treated as custom properties on the root element' and the desire of separating 'use(width)' and 'use(my-main-color)', I clearly see how different the approach taken by Tab's draft and our (Brian and I) draft. It's clearly it transcends the naming conventions and go up to the root of the specification.

Received on Friday, 7 September 2012 12:24:53 UTC