Re: Responsive CSS3 Transitions

On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 6:06 PM, Greg Houston <> wrote:
>>> 2. If you slice up a div into smaller divs and add the same background
>>> to each slice as the parent and reposition that background
>>> appropriately, each background will still be the correct size to
>>> rebuild the original image from the slices. That is, unless you have
>>> resized the original container div and set the background-size to
>>> something like "auto 100%". That new background-size in pixels will
>>> not propagate down to the children, and so each child element now
>>> requires additional math to set the size of the background in relation
>>> to the size of the slice. It would be helpful if there was a CSS
>>> toggle that would make the exact size of the parent background
>>> propagate to the children.
>> I don't understand the problem you're outlining.  Can you link to a
>> concrete example?

Yeah, I understood the mechanics there.  I don't see why it's a
problem.  ^_^  Why are you putting the same background on a child?
What is the child being used for?  Can you achieve the same effect
some other way that doesn't require anything new in CSS?


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