Browser zooms and testsuites

Hi all,
This is just a remainder that some tests I wrote during Test The Web Forward work fine when running in 100% zoom but fails when the browser is set to other zooms values. This is because, sometimes, the browser uses real window/OS units instead of zoomed units, something which is causing issues.
I think it may be important for browser implementers to test their browser in real "zoom conditions" and check that the result of the test is the same as what they would obtain by scaling down the image from the 'zoom-expanded' resolution (or, at least, by running the reference test in the same zoom conditions).
Browser zoom is really useful on small devices (to adapt for a small screen a desktop site), and on hi-res desktop displays to accomodate small text and wasted space (some browsers have settings to load page zoomed-in by default in this case) so this is important to make sure there's no implementation bug due to zoom.

Received on Sunday, 28 October 2012 15:21:32 UTC