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> Liam R E Quin [] wrote at Thursday, October 18, 2012 12:25 PM
> > Most browsers have at least a default font choice, although there's not
> > usually any control over line spacing,
> This sounds like a browser bug or at least a feature request.  Adjusting 
> font size to greater than the line height would ideally increase the line 
> height to at least the new font size.

The point is that just increasing the line height isn't sufficient.
Fonts are not generally designed to be "set solid", and the default
spacing actually depends on other factors, including the x-height. the
relative weight, and the openness of the counters. But it also depends
on the screen, viewing conditions, and the user's eyes.

> The other issue, however, is that use of absolute positioning on a page 
> frequently results in some text overprinting or obscuring other text or 
> in text clipping if text size in the browser is greater than what the 
> website was designed to accommodate.

Yes, I often find that, since, being over 6 years old :-) my eyes aren't
what they were, and my laptop now has approx. 150dpi.


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