Re: [cssom] Make CSSStyleSheet constructable

|  For example, in frameworks where components are dynamically loaded (or
|  generated), their developers will use document.register
|  to register them with the document. As such, they would have no way to
|  specify a shared stylesheet. And that seems bad.

I don't see why. The shared stylesheets will be automatically guessed from 
their template. I mean, by default, when the template will be copied, the 
same stylesheet will be reused for its copies (unless they modify it, but I 
guess they should not do that).

|  I chose to use rule-twiddling because of encapsulation: the state of
|  the tab manager is stored completely inside of the component. Had I
|  put a class on the tab, I would've leaked that state onto the children
|  of the tab manager.

Again, you can change the class of an element located in your template. 
Since you can select elements directly from the shadow tree using @host {} 
you can easily solve this in an elegant way. Modifying the rules of a CSS 
file destroys a lot of browser optimizations. Modifying a CSS stylesheet 
should be a "I-have-no-other-solution" fix because it comes at very high 

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