Re: [css3-values] Undefined namespace prefix in attr()

On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 5:53 AM, Simon Sapin <> wrote:
> From css3-namespace:
>> CSS qualified names can be used in (for example) selectors and
>> property values as described in other modules. Those modules must
>> define handling of namespace prefixes that have not been properly
>> declared. Such handling should treat undeclared namespace prefixes as
>> a parsing error that will cause the selector or declaration (etc.) to
>> be considered invalid and, in CSS, ignored.
> css3-values uses qualified names in attr(), but does not define the error
> handling for undeclared prefixes. (Or did I miss it?)
> Proposed change: in the list after "The attr() expression is only valid if",
> add an item:
>  # The attribute name is not qualified with an undeclared
>  # namespace prefix.
> (I don’t like the double negation, but I can’t find a better wording for
> now.)

Nope, we simply don't handle it.  Didn't consider that we'd need to.  Fixed.


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