Re: [CSS21] Proposal to define "Block container element"

On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 10:25:30AM +0200, Anton Prowse wrote:

>   : <MovedFromBelow>*Block-level boxes* are
>   : boxes that participate in a
>   : _block formatting context_.</MovedFromBelow>

I previously wrote that I suspected that this definition is circular, but
that I hadn't checked.  I now have checked, and have written up my findings
in a new thread, entitled ‘[CSS21] How to define "block-level box"’.  (I
didn't look into the circular aspect as might be introduced by §'s
reliance on the definition of block-level, but I did find a more immediate
problem arising from defining block-level in terms of participation in a
block formatting context.)

One could say that the problem is irrelevant to this proposal, since it
exists whether or not the proposal is adopted.  On the other hand,
addressing the block-level problem (at least if in the manner I proposed in
that message) would involve changes to the text introduced by this


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